In the end, I can draw no other conclusion than Dr Haslam’s ‘Psychological Report on the New Kadampa Tradition’ is a blatant attempt to cause damage to the organization because she is unable to deal with the emotional after-effects of a relationship breakdown.

There are a multitude of faults and errors that Dr Haslam has intentionally made throughout her report and I have neither the time nor inclination to examine them all. The main faults which make this document highly unreliable and a disgrace to the field of psychology are:

  • Dr Haslam failed to adopt any coherent methodology
  • She was suffering from a manifest psychiatric disorder when she decided to write the report and throughout its entire writing phase
  • Dr Haslam states she is an ‘activist’ trying to ‘liberate’ people from the organization
  • She plagiarized other people’s work throughout the report passing it off as her own text
  • Dr Haslam has no notes taken in a sober mood when living in the New Kadampa Tradition
  • There were no hypotheses set out before entering the organization
  • She had no oversight during the data gathering aspect of the report
  • Dr Haslam only decided to study the organization when she was angry with them for not sacking her ex-boyfriend
  • It is based entirely on her own account and that of other people unhappy with the organization
  • There is not one single example of her trying to counter or balance any of her premises
  • It isn’t peer-reviewed
  • Dr Haslam only sought information that confirmed her assertion that the organization is a cult yet failed to provide any evidence to prove this claim
  • It isn’t presented in any format remotely acceptable under the American Psychological Association guidelines
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