Since the publication of this website Dr Haslam has continued to accuse me and make threats towards me. She is presently fundraising to hire an attorney to investigate my background and try to litigate me to remove this website.

Her friends continue to send me threatening emails and she has continued to forward the confidential email I sent to Hertfordshire County Council. It is now being published on different websites and platforms with my personal information visible. These are the actions of a supposedly ‘highly qualified professional psychologist’.


Michelle admits that she plagiarized large sections of her report claiming that she didn’t have enough time to avoid plagiarization:

“I felt like the priority was getting something out as soon as possible…As a result I could not prioritize protecting my reputation or the quality of the referencing. To write it more comprehensively would take a long time, an entire PhD thesis maybe, and I already had a full time job.”

Dr Michelle Haslam

This is a ridiculous claim. I have many students who work jobs outside of college, study and still manage to turn in papers that aren’t littered with plagiarization.


Michelle goes on to claim that I am attacking her and that I use something she calls DARVO.

I particularly enjoy the bit of his post which states that his attorney has advised him not to engage with me and my ‘friends’. That did make me laugh! He uses DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) to suggest he was caused significant distress by me.

Dr Michelle Haslam

I am not the one who broke the law by publishing a private and confidential email online, Dr Haslam is. Yet she blames me and claims that if I object to her actions I am the offender and she is the victim. Her actions did cause me distress and to this day I am still receiving threats, harassment and stalking as a direct result. I find it highly inappropriate that she laughs about the distress she has caused me.


Dr Haslam also misinterprets my references to her mental state:

“In regards to the claims that I am mentally unstable, this is clearly a method for discrediting my report (see the section in my report on ‘Ad Hominem’ attacks). If he had genuine empathy, he would not disclose personal information about my mental health online in order to try to undermine my perception of reality (gaslighting) or to humiliate me”

Dr Michelle Haslam

The claims about Dr Haslam’s mental stability are in fact in her own words. She published statements that claimed she was suffering from symptoms of complex PTSD, she stated she was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, she stated all of the facts surrounding her own mental disorders. The fact that she twists this into some form of attack on her indicates how deep seated her paranoia and need for validation are. I did not disclose any information about Dr Haslam’s struggles with her own mental health, I simply repeated what she had already made public. I did not do this to undermine her perception of reality or to humiliate her.


In regards to his claim that it’s not a quantitative study. That would not be possible, clearly. Who the hell is going to move in with the sole purpose of conducting a research study?

Dr Michelle Haslam

In other parts of her diatribe against me she claims that I do not state what I am a Dr of, however I made clear in this website I hold a PhD in Experimental Psychology. I therefore take umbrage with her claim that it’s impossible to conduct quantitative research on religious organizations and that no-one would move into a religious group to study it.

To conduct a quantitative study would require the gathering of some form of quantitative data that can then be analyzed statistically, such as a questionnaire or interview-based study. These are very commonplace and not impossible. Who would join a religious group to study it? Leon Festinger, one of the most famous cognitive psychologists in the world, is the example I gave in comparison to Dr Haslam’s work. He did exactly this with the group called ‘The Seekers’. Here again Dr Haslam is showing her lack of experience in this area of study, yet she happily uses her title as a Psychologist to blind the readers into believing she is far more qualified than she is.

Ad Hominem

A favorite claim of Dr Haslam’s is that any critique I have of her report is an ad hominem attack on her. I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with this term so I had to revert to the Merriam-Webster for advice:

Definition of ad hominem

1: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect: an ad hominem argument
2: marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made: made an ad hominem personal attack on his rival


The points raised about the report she wrote are the complete opposite of ad hominem arguments. I focus on her methodology, the lack of direct citation from the organization’s religious texts, the danger of drawing strong conclusions from weak or non-existent evidence and more. The only reference to her character is in regards of her mental state and motivation which have a direct bearing on the biases so evident in her writing which would have been reduced had a robust methodology been used.

Dr Haslam also questions my motivation in reviewing her report as if this proves I am not Dr Harrison. She finds it difficult to understand why someone she has targeted for abuse and ridicule would take an interest in a report that directly accuses them of defamation. My interest is solely in protecting my own reputation. Had Dr Haslam not included me in the report I wouldn’t have given it a second glance. However when she decided to make baseless accusations against me in it and then proceed to distribute it widely and publish it on numerous websites the die was cast.


Dr Haslam is convinced I am a senior member of the religious organization she has focused her anger on and is also convinced that I am out to destroy her. This is a complete fabrication on her part. She views this as some form of ‘sociopathic attack’ and that she is ‘in far more danger than she realizes’.

I don’t know what lengths they will go to to destroy me. I have been warned that this is just the start. I can control the narrative with my employers and even let people know on my CV if I wish. Or I could always change my name, flee the country, and go volunteer around the world in exchange for accommodation.

Dr Michelle Haslam

I don’t know what to write about that, it seems like a persecution complex or extreme paranoia. All I can do is assure Dr Haslam I have no intention of ‘destroying’ her. This isn’t ‘just the start’, it isn’t a ‘sociopathic attack’ and she isn’t in any danger, at least not from me. I’m a simple psychologist getting on with my life and have been dragged into a whirlwind of paranoia and conspiracy theories.

I wish Dr Haslam well on her road to recovery from the trauma she is so clearly experiencing. Her behavior demonstrates how fragile the human psyche is and even psychologists can be the victims of delusional thinking beyond their control.

Despite my sympathies for Dr Haslam’s predicament, I cannot just accept her bullying and lies about me. I cannot sit quietly by whilst my reputation is tarnished and therefore this website will continue to remain for as long as is required to counteract the lies Dr Haslam continues to publish about me.

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